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What is Buzz?  

Buzz occurs when customers and prospects are talking about you and your company, which results in action: visiting your website, purchasing your products and hiring you!
Beth McRae has been Building Buzz for companies for over 20 years.  She is classically trained in journalism and marketing, both at undergraduate and master's levels.  

She has helped numerous entrepreneurs and companies increase sales  by Building Buzz.
Beth's Buzz-Building experience includes work with amazing brands such as:

Google, Tiffany & Co., Nextel Communications (now Sprint), Sunny Delight, Henry's Farmers Markets, Solatube International, KB Home, CB Richard Ellis, and many, many others.  

She is now putting her substantial experience to work for entrepreneurs of any size to help them Build Buzz for their Businesses and make more money.
Being Thirsty for Knowledge Key to Success - Use it for Your Public Relations, Marketing, Online Relations

I recently signed up for (  It's free to join, although you have to be approved to be a member.  I like the concept because they award you points for learning things through the site and participating in the weekly teleconferences.  When you rack up enough points you can redeem them for cash or actual items.  How about that for motivation to learn?

The topics are wide and varied are from the world's foremost instructors. There are hundreds of activities on the various areas of success that may interest you. Most of the activities are only three to six minutes long and are pretty compelling.  There are also Success Coaches and an online store.  It's certainly an interesting learning model. Check it out!

Mastermind Your Way to Success, Whether You are in PR, Marketing or Any Field

I recently discovered the beauty of mastermind groups.  I have used this technique in various forms over the years, but nothing as structured as my current group.  A mastermind group is really just a group of people that have a common purpose (in a general sense, i.e. they want to increase sales, build their business, etc.) and are willing to help one another.  The group meets regularly (every other week or weekly, ideally) and members discuss their business goals and brainstorming ensues.

I came to my mastermind group by way of my mentor, the fabulous Ali Brown ( and her Millionaire Protege Club (MPC).  We have live retreats and calls for the entire MPC group but we each also have a mastermind group that meets by phone bi-monthly.  We work together to help each member achieve their goals and stretch goals.

You don't have to sign up for a mentorship program to enjoy the benefits of a mastermind group.  You can form your own by inviting some people you respect and trust to meet on a regular basis.  Someone has to be willing to facilitate and organize the meetings, but it is well worth it.  You can easily meet at a coffee house every two weeks and rotate the focus throughout the group so each member has a chance to showcase their business and receive the benefit of the group brainstorm.

As the saying goes, "We is smarter than me."

Write a Book and Build Credibility

This is a great piece of advice and one which I am following myself.  I recently suggested to a client that he be "the guy who wrote the book on it" for the topic in his industry.  Not only did he do it, but he ended up writing a huge book on the state of investing, post-financial crisis.  It is now sold on Amazon and many other places.  He is now the guy the that wrote the book on it!

I am finishing a book called "121 Ways to Build Buzz and Make Big Bucks," which is based on my 22 years in the PR and marketing arena and best practices of other companies.  I am learning that the hardest part isn't coming up with the material for the book, it's being disciplined enough to sit down and get it done.

I am using a fascinating tool for my book creation and design, called The Book Patch (  I can write the entire book on their word processing software or upload it as a PDF, for free.  They have free templates for the design of the cover, spine and back, as well as all of the inside pages.  I can complete and make it available for sale in their online bookstore, at no cost to me.  I can put the link to the store on my site and if one copy is purchase, one copy is printed and I receive the profit.  It is a great print-on-demand model.  Check it out!

Productivity equals profit

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

While I can’t claim to be the most perfect model of productivity every day of my life, I do have an entire cadre of tools I call upon so that I can get stuff done.  And not just stuff, important stuff!

For me, productivity starts with setting the intention.  For example, when I committed to writing this piece for, I set the intention to do it.  I put it onto my personal device where I keep lists of all my important action items.  In my case, this is a BlackBerry.  Others may prefer a pad of paper.  The point is, the commitment is made and appropriate reminders about deadlines are set.

I set aside time on my calendar specifically to write this piece, amply padding it so that I have room for emergencies that might come up and would still be able to make my deadline.  I lock myself away in my office with a sign on my door that says “On deadline, please do not disturb.  Thanks.”  I do not answer phones or check email.  I focus completely on the task at hand.

Another important consideration is the working environment.  I like a place with lots of light and attractive décor.  In my office, I have my sea shell and fossil collections, antique furniture, my grandfather’s desk from his law practice, beautiful art on the walls, my vision board and plenty of photos of family, friends and my cats.  This is a pleasant place for me to be and to work and, therefore, I am more productive here. 

Here are some great tips I have learned along the way.  One is to set a kitchen timer in your office for 15 or 30 minutes so that you focus on something you really need to do, but may dread doing.  This way, you are focusing on it for a finite period of time and getting work on it accomplished.  This is a good way to get that book you have been meaning to write, actually written.  There are online versions of timers you can set on your computer, like or, as well.

The Power of Six

Another is called the Power of Six.  The story behind it goes something like this:  A man was running a large company and trying to figure out why it was losing money and his employees were being so unproductive.  He called in a consultant who told him he had a solution.  The business owner explained he didn’t have much money to pay and the consultant said “You can just pay me what you think my advice it worth once you see the results.”

The consultant told him to have each employee use the Power of Six.  Each of them creates a list of six action items to accomplish out of their myriad “to do” lists, focusing on the six most important activities and those that would bring revenues to the company or save it money.  They could not add any new items to the bottom of the list until the one at the top had been accomplished.

The business owner decided to give it a try.  Within a few months, his company had completely turned around and was making money hand over fist.  The employees were productive and happy to be contributing to the company’s bottom line.  A year later, the consultant got something in the mail from the business owner:  A check for $100,000.  The business owner’s note said that the Power of Six was the best advice he had ever received.

While I do not always follow the Power of Six religiously, I do use it and it does work.  The more productive I am, the more profitable I become!

Don't Forget the Calendars!

My mentor Patricia Drain ( - she is amazing!) reminded me today of the power of calendars.  She mentioned that she recently signed up additional people for an event she is putting on because she remembered to add it to event calendars.

So, if you have any sort of event, - teleseminar, workshop, seminar, speaking gig, anything people can attend - list it in the various calendars.  There are those in the traditional media, such as your local daily newspaper, business publication and community papers, as well as the many online calendars.  

For calendars online, try plugging "event calendars" and "business event calendars" to find ones that are applicable to your event.  You can also plug in your local city (Ex.  "Portland event calendars") to pull up other calendars.

Listing your event should be free on all or most of these.  It is a great vehicle to get the word out and I certainly appreciated the reminder - thanks, Patricia!

Starting with the End in Mind

Do you remember that Stephen Covey ("7 Habits of Highly Effective People") concept of writing your own obituary so that you give thought to how you would like to be be remembered by others?  And then starting with that end in mind, determining what you need to do to get there?  The same principles apply to marketing and business.  Determine your objectives first (increased sales, etc), make them measurable (increase sales by 20% within 12 months) and determine the steps needed to achieve them.

Then you can create an action plan filled with all the amazing buzz-building tactics available in today's world:  social media, PR, events, video, word of mouth, and so on.  Set them against a timeline so that you are able achieve them month by month, day by day, until your objectives are met.  Technology may change, but good, solid business (and life) practices like these have not.

Surf the Buzz Wave!

Buzz is hotter than ever.  Just look online and you will see it referenced everywhere.  That's because it's more important now than ever to stand out from the pack and the way to do that is by creating noise in the marketplace, positive noise that is.

But there are enough possibilities to make one's head spin.  The way to tackle it is to to break it into manageable pieces.  For example, publicity, social media, events, and word of mouth.  Then you can prioritize based on budget, timing and what will reach your business objectives.

From there take the top priority and break it into action items and set them against a a timeline.  Identify team members to implement and outline measurable objectives against which to measure the outcomes.  Bingo, you are on your way to Buzz!

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Buzz = Sales

Buzz = Social Media.  Buzz = Publicity.  Buzz = Special Events.  Buzz = Publicity Stunts.  Buzz = Word of Mouth.  Buzz = Community Involvement.  Buzz = Charitable Involvement.  Buzz = Reputation Management.  Buzz = Blogging.  Buzz = Podcasting.  Buzz = Teleseminars.  Buzz = Videos.  Buzz = Websites.  Buzz = Webinars.  Buzz = Networking.  Buzz = Referrals for Others.  Buzz = Creativity.  Buzz = Ideas.  Buzz = Mentoring.  Buzz = eZines.  Buzz = Emails.  Buzz = Marketing.  Buzz = Promotions.  Buzz = Cause Marketing.  Buzz = eBooks.  

Sure, you can spend a boatload of money on advertising, but you can also do a ton of things on your own for little or no cost.  This will get you a lot of buzz, which equals more sales.

Buzz Comes in So Many Forms

Buzz is an amazing thing.  It happens when you least expect it.  As in the case of a good deed.  It can be done just because it's the right thing to do (as it should be done) and the news spreads organically, thus creating buzz for you and your brand (we all have a personal brand, by the way).

An important thing about buzz is that whatever you are doing to create it, it should be as real and authentic as possible.  You don't want it to smack of insincerity or superficiality or it may build buzz of the wrong kind:  negative.  

No matter what tactic you use to create buzz - public relations, word of mouth, event, social media, publicity stunt - just be sure to think it through carefully and that it has a strong element of authenticity to it.  In other words, that you can stand behind it, just like you would your product or service.

Hello Buzz World!

Speaking of buzz, blogging is part of building buzz.  In fact, a very important part since as we were just discussing on a Patricia Drain Master Mind call, it helps your search engine optimization tremendously.  The reason for this is that while websites remain relatively static, blogs change all of the time, thus giving the search spiders and robots lots of content on your site to crawl over and include in the search rankings.

However, one must be diligent about blogging on a regular basis to keep the content coming and fresh, of course.  Also, it is important to have your blog hosted on your site and not on WordPress or Blogger, in order to have your site benefit from the SEO generated by the blog.  Video was highly recommended by the guest speaker - she said Google search, in particular, loved videos.

Another benefit to blogging is that you position yourself as an expert to the world and this is an important part of building buzz.  All of the buzz tactics I will begin to touch on will work together synergistically to create an amazing juggernaut of buzz for you, once you get them all going.

Anyway, I learned some great blogging tips on the call and wanted to share them right away.  Blogs are now so easy to set up, I set this one up while on the call and wrote this post.  Nothing like just getting it done!

Having Beth as your Buzz Builder can make the difference between Success and Failure.
The truth is, success is so often the road less traveled, which is why having a Buzz Builder's advice is critical

Buzz = Sales